Open GL Error Fix for Windows 7 and XP

So you have been playing your favorite game (Angry Birds anyone ?) in your android or iOS mobile phone and now you decided to play it on your desktop only to get an error that reads something like: OpenGL 1.x/2.0/ renderer not supported or DirectX renderer not supported ?

OpenGL (Open Graphics Library) and DirectX are specifically used to render 2D and 3D graphics mostly by various games and the error is most likely caused due to an outdated driver.

That is an easy problem to fix.Simply update your drivers to latest supported display adapters.

Fix # 1

Visit Intel Download Center and use
Intel® Driver Update Utility to automatically scan your system for up-to-date graphics drivers and install the best available driver.

Auto Driver Scan

If that doesn’t fix the problem go ahead to fix #2.

Fix # 2

Simply right click the My Computer Icon on your Desktop ->Click on Properties ->Device Manager ->Display Adapters -> Update Driver.
This should in most case find the problem and solve it for you.


# Fix 3 – Applicable for Browser Game Errors

If the error is caused when you try to play a game or access a web application in your browser, simply visit the following Open GL test Link.

Test Browser for OpenGL Support
If you see a rotating cube, your browser supports OpenGL. If not try another browser or follow the directions provided on this website.

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