Configuring MTS Blaze Mobile Broadband on Ubuntu

For installing & configuring MTS Blaze Mobile broadband Internet connection on Ubuntu, complete the following steps.

Contrary to what is mentioned at many places, you do not need to download or install any software. Nor do you need to touch the command line for the purpose of using MTS Blaze in Ubuntu.

Just follow the steps that follow:


Insert the MTS Mblaze dongle into the USB slot and boot into Ubuntu. Ubuntu will automatically detect the new device.

If it does not – you wi1l have to install: usbmodeswitch and usbmodeswitchdata(dependency).


Open the “Network icon” which is normally situated on the top right hand side of the screen – that is if you are using the Genome desktop environment. You can also open it by visiting:

Settings >> Network Connections >> Mobile Broadband >> Add new >> Select your country >> Select your service provider (Select MTS MBlaze) >> Click on the next buttons to the end.

3. Again Open Settings >> Network Connections >> Select MTS MBlaze Connection >> Edit >> Move onto the “Mobile Broad Band” tab and fill in the following details:


Password: MTS (in caps on)

Click on save.

Congrats — you can now connect to Internet by clicking on

Network Connections >> MTSMblaze Connection (CDMA)

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