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Marketing strategy-interior designing business plan

Post the SWOT analysis Psalms interiors now has to design a basic  marketing strategy based on which it is going to run its business.Psalms interiros has decided that their marketing strategy for the interior designing business will be based on the following;

1.They would provide a unique interior design experience to their customers which would include consulting,assisiting and also drawing up a complete design plan for their clients homes and offices.

2.They would also cater specifically to the do-it-yourself  and buy-it-yourself segment of customers and would come up with products and services specially suited to their individual needs,since this segment forms a huge chunk of the home interior designing market.

3. Apart from design consulting they would also offer a range of products in the home interior desiging sector which would further add value to the cuatomer.

4.They plan to position themselves as an interiror designing business that lays the utmost stress on customer service and plan to provide personalised service including post sales to their clients.

5 They also plan to source specially ordered  materials and textiles for their customers so as to ensure complete uniqueness and individuality for their clients.

6.They plan to present their design consulting as a complete package of an interior designing experience and want to ensure taht this experience gets them repeat business and referrals.

Psalms interiors has now drawn up the following action plan to implement their marketing strategy.This plan aims to address the retail revenue from the store and the revenue earned from selling products other than fabrics and textiles.This action plan also aims to address the generation of referrals from clients.
a.Bulding up an immediate client list based on the professional and personal contacts of the owner.
b.Drawing up a client list based on references from friends and family.
c. Build up a network of clients based on referrals from professional contacts.
d.To issue an advertisement in the area informing people of the existence of Psalms interiors.
e. Making of a sales brochure that will highlight details about all services offered along with contact details of owner and office address.
f.Arrange for a  presentation in organizations and associations to make people aware of the need for interior designing and to introduce Pslams interiors and their interior designing business.
g. Arrange a meeting with ladies of the local clubs ,the members of Doctors Wives Auxillary and the members of contry clubs and Junior League clubs and give tham a presentation on the need forprofessional interior designing and thus highlighting their high end consulting  services and personalised design solutions for every client.
h.Arranging a meeting with all realtors and architects of the area and maintaing relations with them to get referrals out of them.
i.Disributing pamphlets introducing Psalms interiors aa an interior designing business and their products and services in all  the churches in the area on Sundays to gain an easy access to the entire Sunday crowd.
j. Meeting up with all vendors in the area and constantly keeping in touch with them to generate referrals from them.
k.Using direct mailers to contact customers directly.
l. Making of a website of Psalms interiors since there is a huge segment of people that go in for online designing solutions and purchase producta and services online.
m. Highlighting all their products and services together with their unique selling point of offering a complete interior design experience to the clients in the website.
n. Ensuring that the website contains pictures of past work if any and client references if any to establish credibility.Promoting Psalms interiors as a one stop shop for all residential and home interior designing solutions.
o. Constantly updating the website since the website can increase the visibility of the business to a large number of people at one time.

This is a basic plan that Psalms interiors has drawn up to use in its marketing strategy.However thsi will be worked out in further detail in the next article.

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