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Marketing strategy-Interior design business plan

Psalms interior has now decided to base its marketing strategy on trying to position itself as the ultimate resource afor interior designing in the target area.It aims to address the needs of all types of customers and wishes to be recognized as a one stop shop for all design solutions .For the more involved do-it-yourself and buy-it -yourself customer it wants to position itself as a firm providing unique guidance and consultancy services and for other clients it aims to provide a complete personalized design solution,They have also planned to base their marketing strategy on the following points;
1. Unique personalized design consulting for every client.
2.An excellent client service leading to increased client satisfaction.
3.Unique products which will be made available to different clients as per their requirements.
4.An complete package containing consulting,guidance,products and even made to order products for clients to give them a unique design experience.

Psalms interiors plans to first generate interest and awareness about its products and services through this strategy and then establish contact withe teh target customers.Post this itaims to develop a client base and then finally generate a loyal customer base and also  get increased referral and repeat  business from those clients.

The company has also decided that it is going to distribute its products mainly through the reatil channel. However the website of Psalms interiors will also be used extensively to make sales either through e mail enquiries or throughdirect sales from the site.

Psalms interiors has decided to follow the following strategies in its marketing plan; build up a awareness about its interior design business and also to promote its image.
2.To increase the existing client base and also use it to leverage future customers
3.Cross selling activities to increase revenue from the same client size.
4.Connecting with people in the home building sector to get increased referral business.

To build awareness about its products and services  and to let more people know about their presence,the company aims to do the following;
a. Place an advertisement in the local newspaper about their business.
b. Distribute fliers with newspapers describing their products and services offered.
c.Participate in social service events in the target area to let people know of their presence.
d.Arrange for free presentations on the importance of interior design and promoting their business in all clubs,associations and organizations in the area.
e.Network extensively with all vendors and suppliers in the area and meet with them regularly to get referrals from them.
f. Tie up with real tors and architects in the area and arrange to give free presentations to their clients.
To increase the existing client base and use it to build future clients the folowing activities are proposed;
a.To have an excellent relation with the existing clients so as to ensure customer loyalty and referrals. This can be done by providing personalized solutions to each client and giving each client time and attention.
b. To have a thorough after sales follow up on every client.(Will help increase customer loyalty)
c.To have a personal contact with each client by remembering them on their special days( birthdays,anniversaries etc)
d.To provide clients with additional experiences such as providing them with free presentations and seminars ( such as on the latest trends in interior design or on any new in house product that you have come up with)

Cross selling activities aim to increase the average dollar earned per transaction. This can be achieved by;
a.additional sale of antiques,art pieces,furniture fabrics and home accessories to the clients. of all these products through their website.

Connecting with the home building sector to increase referrals from them.
a.Network extensively with people in this sector and devise strategies to increase business from them.This can be done by coming up with special gift certificates for the real tors to promote referrals from them.
b. Networking with loan officers and also coming up with gift certificates or an incentivisation campaign for them.
c.Coming up with  design support services for builders to help them give a complete package to their clients.

This is the marketing strategy that will be used by Psalms interiors and post this it will decide on its sales strategy. This will be discussed in the later posts.

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