Showing a JavaScript Disabled notice to Visitors | Browser Issues

Most of the modern browsers provide a preferences setting to users to enable or disable JavaScript. While JavaScript is turned on by default in most browsers, many institutions turn it off when deploying it in their office.

If your website is dependent on js, you may want to show a notice to your visitors, notifying them to turn on their browser JavaScript for a improved site experience.

Fortunately serving such a notice to visitors is quiet easy.

the noscript tag..

Just like browsers identify JavaScript within the “script” tag – most of the modern day browsers(Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and others) are also capable of executing the ‘noscript’ tag.

When Javascript in disabled in such browsers, they ignore script between the ‘script’ tag and display the message contained within the ‘noscript’ tag.

You can use this feature to lets such visitors know that their browser JavaScript is turned off and they should turn on the feature for the best web experience on your website.

The following example shows a bare bone example of its usage. Add this to your html header after your normal custom JavaScript.


All the bells and whistles that JavaScript offers is great. But you should also decide how to gracefully degrade the experience for visitors who do not have js enabled in their browser.

Providing an alternative path to the content is a viable idea but you should also keep the associated cost of alternate development and the maintenance cost in mind.

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