iOS versus Android: a Game Developer’s Perspective

As it stands out today, the real action in game development is happening at two different camps – iOS and Android.

Choosing between the two platforms is one of the most important business decision a game developer can make. So here’s a quick round up on the pros and cons of both these environments.


Lets us first begin with the advantages of developing games for Android

  • A more global market outreach
  • Development can be done a wide range of environment like Linux, Mac, or PC
  • Less restrictive ecosystem (google does not monitor the market)
  • Supports multiple methods of monetizing games(app purchases and advertisements)

Now for its disadvantages:

  • Configurations setups may be difficult to manage on different platforms


Staring with the advantages:

  • Easier and robust integration of hardware and software
  • Little configuration hassles as there is only one system to support with clear documentation for it

Now for the disadvantages:

  • Development only possible on Mac environment
  • More restrictive ecosystem with stricter quality specifications

In any case if a game hits big in any one of the markets, porting it to the other platform with tools like Robovm (free), MonoTouch/IKVM(Commercial) and others is the next logical thing to consider.

Did I miss something in the list ? Drop in a comment.

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