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Interior design business plan-2

The second section will discuss the components of the “Company section” of an Interior design business plan. We will again use a hypothetical company – ‘Psalms  Interiors’ to lay down the sample for this section. The details of the company are laid down in the following format –

“Psalms Interiors a start up venture of XYZ LLC has been set up to offer complete interior decoration solutions to prospective clients in and around {area}The prime activities proposed to be undertaken by the company include – {include the niches in which you plan to operate}

The vision of the company

“To establish itself as a market leader in the interior designing business  in Houston by the year 2020″

The mission of the company

“To provide its residential and corporate customers with a one stop solution for all their interior designing business needs under one roof”

Objectives of the company

  • To achieve a monthly turnover of USD 15000 in the first year, USD 23000 in the second year, USD 35000 in the third year and USD 45000 in the fourth year of its operation.
  • To generate at least 20% of the total revenue from corporate clients by the end of the 3rd year.
  • To achieve a 55% ratio of product sales to consulting sales by the end of 4th year.


XYZ LLC was registered at { enter the – registered address} on {regn date} and has been set up with the intent to operate as an interior design company in the {target market} area.

The Founders
The board of XYZ LLC consists of –

Name/s of owner/s/ board members




Date of birth


Recent job functions

Responsibilities proposed to be handled by each of them in the business venture –
a)    Mr. Z –role to be played in the proposed firm.
b)    Mrs.Y – role to be played in the proposed firm.
c)    Ms. X\—

d)    ….

Company Contact details

Office Address:,Address of godowns,  Contact person, Email id, Telephone & Fax number,Website address.


That was a sample on the Company section of an Interior design Business plan. There are no hard and fast rules except for the fact that you should not miss out on any of the vital details.

Mistakes to be avoided

  1. Do not write general Vision, mission or objective statements. A very good method to write these statements is to make them – “SMART” where  S – stands for specific, M- measurable, A – achievable , R -realistic and T – Time bound.

The next part of this series on Interior design business plan will talk about “The market analysis”.

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