Plotting Functions on Google 3d

Did you know you could use the google search box as a calculator. Yes go ahead and type and large mathematical sum into the search box and viola – you get the answer.

Wish this was around – when i was a school going kid !

Earlier in the year,  google had extended its calculating capabitlies to include 2 dimensional plotting capabiites. This march end, google further extended its plotting capabilties to include 3d graphing functionality from the search box.

You can use this tool to plot some very unique and interesting functions in 3D form.

To do the plotting, simply type any two variable function. (Like say sinx * cos y) followed by the word “from” followed by the range for x & Y axis.

For example: typing the function

sin x * cos y from -3 to 3

plots this awesome looking graph for me. Man – this is addictive !
google 3d graph

Embeding 3D charts on a webpage ??

P.S: 3D charts require a web browser and system that support WebGL. What this meant for me – that it did not work in firefox but worked well for me on the Google chrome browser.

The image to the left looks great as a moving 3d chart. However I could not find any documentation or Google API to embed the actual and interactive 3D google charts on my blog.

Google provides options for embeding 2 D charts using the google API structure by using attributes like cht,chd,chs,chtt and similar paramteres etc withing the img tag and URI like:

<img src="> .+

This system cannot be used to embed 3d Charts as the parameters for both the systems are different. Hope to hear about this from google over the time.

If at all you know how to embed this on a webpage – please post it in the comment.
Also post comments about great looking function that you discover while playing with this new google toy.

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