Enable & Get Started with cURL on Wamp Server

If your PHP coding requires you to connect and communicate with different external servers, you will probably need to use the libcurl module (or cURL).
Here’s how you can get started with cURL on WAMP (or a similar local server)

1. Check if  cURL is already  installed.:

The recent versions of WAMP (and similar LAMP architectures) come with pre-installed cURL module.
The simplest way to check whether cURL is installed on your local host is to search for the term curl.dll.

If you are able to locate a file called php_curl.dll it means cURL is installed on your local server.
In my WAMP Server (on Windows Platform) – it is located at C:\wamp\bin\php\php5.3.10\ext\php_curl.dll

2. Install cURL, if not already present in \wamp\bin\php\php5.3.10\ext\:

If cURL is not installed on your existing WAMP installation, you will have to first download the library from the site of Daniel Stenberg, the original author of cURL. Simply download the latest version and unzip and extract the dll file to \wamp\bin\php\php5.3.10\ext\:

3. Activate cURL in WAMP server

if you are able to locate php_curl.dll or simply curl.dll, it is simply a matter of activating it in the php.ini configuration in both apache and php folders.

To activate simply uncomment this line:


in these two files
1) C\WAMP\bin\PHP\PHPversion\php.ini
2) C\WAMP\bin\Apache\Apcher-version\bin\php.ini

4. Restart server and check the new status

Visit http://localhost/?phpinfo=1 and scroll down to the cURL Section. You should see a message similar to this:


cURL support enabled
cURL Information 7.24.0
Age 3
AsynchDNS Yes
Debug No
GSS-Negotiate No
IPv6 Yes
Largefile Yes
krb4 No
libz Yes
CharConv No
Protocols dict, file, ftp, ftps, gopher, http, https, imap, imaps, ldap, pop3, pop3s, rtsp, scp, sftp, smtp, smtps, telnet, tftp
Host i386-pc-win32
SSL Version OpenSSL/0.9.8t
ZLib Version 1.2.5
libSSH Version libssh2/1.3.0


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