A brief history of time: Stephen Hawkings

Reading this book for some times. I am a layman and this book is pretty confusing for me at many places.

For me it raises more questions than it answers.

Stephen Hawkins says, we have enough proof that the universe is constantly expanding. I fail to understand – it is expanding into what ?

To expand, it needs an empty space that is outside universe. If there is a space outside universe – the term ‘universe’  (uni – one) looses its meaning. It should then be called a duoverse or multiverse.

Nevertheless, the book contains some interesting new ways in which we could look at our world. Here are some examples –

1) Who says we cannot travel back into the past.When we see a star, we are actually travelling back into the past. We are not seeing the star as it is now. It took several light years for the light to reach us and so we are actually seeing the star, as it was several light years back. Similary when we see the sun, we are actually looking at an 8 minute old son. (as it approx took 8 mins for the light to reach us)

2) Our galaxy is one of the some hundred thousand million other galaxies in this universe. And each galaxy will have hundred thousand million stars with their own set of planets.









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