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Convert & Import .XLS Excel File to .SQL Format with PHPMyAdmin

Converting an Excel file to .SQL file is easily achieved in PHPMyAdmin. Contrary to what some sites seem to suggest, you do not need any conversion software for this.

The steps involved are as follows:

Step 1: Optimize your Excel File

Before you convert the .xls file, you may consider a cursory glance to ensure that their are no visible errors in data or its format.
You should also ensure that all data columns are aligned to the left. Not doing this – may insert unwanted blank spaces into the SQL data file.

Step 2: Convert to CSV format

Now save a copy of the worksheet as a Comma separated Value (CSV) file. If you are not sure how to do this, Click on File >>Save As>>

In the Save dialog box — Change “save as format” type to CSV and hit the save button.

Step 3: Time for final .SQL conversion

Navigate to PHPmyAdmin area >> Select the Appropriate database >> Navigate to Import Section >> Browse and Select the CSV file to the Upload area.
PHPMyAdmin should automatically detect the format as CSV. Hit the Go button and wait for a confirmation message.

if you encounter some error – correct the CSV file and reupload.