Tutorial: Create simple drag and drop with jQuery

The jQuery library adds amazing functionality to Javascript. In this example, we will see how we can create simple drag and drop elements with jQuery. Step 1. Load the jQuery Library to the header section of your html file The first step is to download the jQuery library from its official site. Two versions of […]

Convert a Fixed Column CSS Layout to a Liquid Layout

The Internet is being assessed from a wide variety of screens ranging from smaller tablet screens to medium sized laptops to large desktop screens all the way up to gigantic mall screens. These screens also come in different shapes or aspect ratios. Given this issue, web designers world wide face a new challenge – the […]

Dynamically Highlighting the Current Page Menu Label with PHP & CSS

Highlighting the menu label for the current page is a standard norm of web development and is a good practice.  For static websites, it is achieved by defining a css link and hover properties like selected a, div#menu ul li.selected a:hover { background-color:#BDD8DA; } The visiting page highlighting is then achieved in html by specifying […]

Enable & Get Started with cURL on Wamp Server

If your PHP coding requires you to connect and communicate with different external servers, you will probably need to use the libcurl module (or cURL). Here’s how you can get started with cURL on WAMP (or a similar local server) 1. Check if  cURL is already  installed.: The recent versions of WAMP (and similar LAMP […]

Moving from Procedural to Object-Oriented Development in PHP

PHP is one programming language that has welcomed self taught and relatively less experienced programmers with open arms. Alongside self- learnt programmers there is another group of programmers who have come from C background who have been programming the procedural way for years. Now with increasing number of programs switching  to Object oriented programming in […]

PHP regular Expression | A Quick Start Guide

PHP uses preg_match to work with regular expressions and the syntax is similar to that of . The process of matching regular expression matching is simple. preg_match The preg_match takes two parameters: preg_match ( pattern, string to be checked against the pattern) Suppose you are doing a regular expression check on a user submitted form […]

Testing PHP send Mail on WAMP/XAMPP server without SMTP services

Installing a mail server on local servers like XAMP & WAMP can be quite a chore. It involves tweaking your mail server settings in the php.ini file. Additionally ou need a SMTP server for which you have to rely on SMTP mail servers of third parties like Google, Yahoo etc.  Many a times the communication […]

Get The Current Page URL with PHP $_SERVER suberglobal

PHP programmers often need to call the URL for the current page. This is most often used in processes like “share this” or “email this” or “link to this” page. PHP comes with an in-built super global variable called $_SERVER which makes it very easy to retrieve the current page URL. You can get every […]

A Notepad like Text Editor designed in Python & Tkinter | Code +

Let’s see how we can design a simple text editor like notepad using Python. We will stick to the basic functionalities expected of a simple text editor – which includes the ability to – write something on the notepad, save it and open and modify it whenever required. For the purpose of this tutorial we […]