Clean URL’s With .htaccess redirect – How to Apply Regex Rules

.htacess redirect is perhaps the best & the fastest way to clean up a messy URL It essentially involves a redirect from a messy pattern to a more legible structure like However there is no one size fit all .htaccess method to do that. Infact .htacces uses the regex rules to redirect based […]

Convert RGB (Red/Green/Blue) to a HSV (Hue/Saturation/Lightness) | + PHP Code

Here’s a recent code i did for converting RGB (Red/Green/Blue) color value to a HSV (Hue/Saturation/Lightness) color value in PHP. The code renders accurate results for all the color codes except for #ffffff(white) and #000000 (black). Yeah I know I am too lazy(or busy) to fix this bug now.. but this is a minor thing […]

Complementary Color Calculator Free tool | Plus Source Code

As a web designer, I always found myself lurking to find complementary color for a given color code. I came across a complicated PHP script that claims to calculate the complementary color using hue, saturation and lightness parameters – but found several errors with its output. So i decided to write my own code. The […]

Download | Modern Light Yellow Web design PSD

The giveaway of the week by designer/author: Sangita Chaudhary. A sleek modern light yellow Web design layout (complete PSD) License You are granted the use license which enables you to use this template FREE of charge. Because this is released under GPL, You can modify the theme in any way you like and even use […]

Sample Horizontal Accordion Demo

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GreyGarious: Modern, Free, Black & White WordPress Theme 2012

A Bundle Full of Features ! -> Responsive: adjusts to all browser sizes -> Custom Menu support -> Thumbnail support -> SEO optimized semantic markup -> Cross Browser Compatible -> Automatic Thumbnails from Post Images -> Lavalamp jQuery Menu Effects -> Multiple Post and Page Layout Options -> Built-In Author Page/ Category Page -> Grid […]

MySQL error with ‘TYPE=MyISAM’

Just a quick note: MySQL has deprecated the use of the keyword ‘TYPE’ to define the database engine. The database engine is now defined using the syntax engine. So if you are using a script which still uses this keyword, you will get an error message like: You have an error in your SQL syntax; […]

Cool Mind Guessing Game: Done In Javascript

This is not my brain work – its an anonymous script i came across on a sharing site but it is fairly good at doing what it claims. This script will delve deep into your mind and tell what you thought. Dirty thinkers – be warned ! Simply follow the instructions below carefully. Go through […]