‘Numbers to Words’ Batch Converter (Num to Text)

Recently I needed to convert a series of currency numbers to words equivalent. Strangely Microsoft Excel does not have any in-built corresponding function to handle this. I wrote this code to get this done with support up to quintillion values. Now that should be sufficient for most of the cases. Truth be told, I could […]

Macaulay Duration Calculator for Bond Instrument

Bond’s Face Value Coupon rate% Bond Purchase Price Maturity Value Term to maturity (yrs.) Yield to Maturity (YTM) (%) 1 Time Weighted Present Value of Coupon payments (A) 0.14463711368462775 Present Value of Maturity Amount (B) 5.374721077731093 Duration(A+B)(in yrs.) 5.51935819141572 Meaning that the price of the bond will decrease 5.52 % for a corresponding 1% increase […]

Online Calculator: Find Value of a Bond or Debt Instrument

Face Value: Maturity Date:(MM/DD/YYYY) Amount Redeemable at Maturity: Annual Coupon Rate: % Number of Coupon Payments per Year: Required rate of return:% A. Present Value of $1000 Maturity Value is $ 563.59 B. Present Value of 13 Coupons @ 35 is $ 339.43 C. Present Value of Bond (A + B) : $903.02 To use […]

Moving from HTML4 to HTML5 | Tips & Caveats

HTML5 is the result of ironing out of differences between all major browser-vendors. As more browsers gear up to support many features of HTML5 – it may be a ripe time to switch over to HTML5. Why switch to HTML5? I can hear you ask, Why change if HTML5 is fully backward compatible with HTML4 […]

Free Sleek Blue Web design PSD | KnowPapa Giveaway

The Free giveaway of the week by designer/author: Sangita Chaudhary. License You are granted the use license which enables you to use this template FREE of charge. Because this is released under GPL, You can modify the theme in any way you like and even use it in commercial projects. No attribution to the designers/ […]

Removing a Cookie with JavaScript | JS Tutorial

When you write a cookie with JavaScript, you are actually jumping the traditional bounds of the browser object by storing information on the hard disk. While writing a cookie on to the hard disk is allowed, you cannot delete a cookie directly by using JavaScript. In fact this restriction has been deliberately built into JavaScript […]

Display a User Gravatar from an Email Address | PHP Class

Gravatars add a personal touch to any discussion. You will invariably notice a greater level of reader involvement on blogs that show gravatar image. Fortunately pulling gravatar image with PHP is quite simple. Here’s the class class addGravatar { public function validate_email($useremail, $test_mx = false) { /* checks if an email address is in valid […]

Showing a JavaScript Disabled notice to Visitors | Browser Issues

Most of the modern browsers provide a preferences setting to users to enable or disable JavaScript. While JavaScript is turned on by default in most browsers, many institutions turn it off when deploying it in their office. If your website is dependent on js, you may want to show a notice to your visitors, notifying […]