Tkinter Color Chooser Dialog Simple Demo

Here’s a quick demo of Color Chooser Dialog from Tkinter. Python 2.x Version from Tkinter import * from tkColorChooser import askcolor def getColor(): color = askcolor() print color Button(text=’Select Color’, command=getColor).pack() mainloop() Python 3.x Version from tkinter import * from tkinter.colorchooser import * def getColor(): color = askcolor() print color Button(text=’Select Color’, command=getColor).pack() mainloop() The […]

Hiding Javascript Errors from Displaying in the Browser

While there are no excuses for a buggy code in our websites, sometimes error do creep in. To avoid this from displaying in your browser console, you can use a java script code like this: function HideErrorMessages() { return true; } window.onerror = HideErrorMessages; This will hide any error notice from your website visitors. Let […]

Paypal API Country Code Approved List Array

Strangely I could not find it anywhere on the net. I had to make this manually as an array. Here’s the array – to save you the labor :) The code has been taken from Paypal Objects – just in case you need to verify its correctness. Here’s the list : $countrylist = array ( […]

Simplest Web Browser in Python & Tkinter – 32 lines of code

Want to develop a web browser in python – let me get you started with a small working prototype. This GUI interface done in Tkinter and uses the urllib module to get the URL data. The web browser currently looks like this: As you can see, the browser can read the contents of a site […]

Free Green PSD Web Layout | Knowpapa Giveaway of the Week

The Free Green PSD Web Layout giveaway of the week by designer/author: Sangita Chaudhary License You are granted the use license which enables you to use this template FREE of charge. Because this is released under GPL, You can modify the theme in any way you like and even use it in commercial projects. Attribution […]

Line of Best Fit Calculator + Trend Line Graphing Tool

Enter one data set in the format x,y per line: For example: 4,5 5,6 8,7 3,4 5,11 11,13 14,11 Intercept(a): Slope(b): Line of Best Fit :(y=a+bx) About Linear Regression and Trend Line Formulating a equation for the line of best fit for two sets of variables allows us describe a relationship between the two variables expressed in the form of a […]

Truth Table Generator for Arbitary Boolean Expressions

Use the following symbols: AND * OR + NOT – NOR # NAND $ XOR ^ IMPLIES => or <= BICONDITIONAL(iff) <=> You can assign complex statement to a variable with “:” operator. For example: t:x*(x+y) q:y+(x*y) and you can even perform operations on each of the new variables that you created. For example: t*q […]

‘Numbers to Words’ Batch Converter (Indian Numbering System)

To convert numbers to equivalent Indian number system (Lakh, Crore Counting system) use the following converter. Important Features: Now forget adding those ugly looking code into your excel sheet, never understanding what it does under the hood.The following converter can be used to convert unlimited number of numbers to words. Features include: 1) Can be […]

‘Numbers to Words’ Batch Converter (Num to Text)

Recently I needed to convert a series of currency numbers to words equivalent. Strangely Microsoft Excel does not have any in-built corresponding function to handle this. I wrote this code to get this done with support up to quintillion values. Now that should be sufficient for most of the cases. Truth be told, I could […]