Business Plan – Competition Analysis

Analysis of existing competition is an important thing to be assessed when starting an Interior design business and is thus a vital component of the Interior design business plan. This analysis provides several vital insights like – the size of competition, the profitability of the venture, strengths and weakness of other competitors and most importantly […]

Interior design business plan Market research

This is the third in a series of tutorials on how to draft your own interior design business plan. One of the most important components of an Interior design Business plan is the identification and analysis of the constituent market. In this part of your business plan, you should provide details of a) The geographical […]

Interior design business plan-2

The second section will discuss the components of the “Company section” of an Interior design business plan. We will again use a hypothetical company – ‘Psalms  Interiors’ to lay down the sample for this section. The details of the company are laid down in the following format – “Psalms Interiors a start up venture of […]

Interior design business plan

This is the first part of the several that constitute a tutorial on how to draft your interior design business plan. The first part of your Interior design business plan will be the executive summary. An executive summary is an excerpt of the vital facts and figures that constitute your business plan. And although this […]

Start Interior design business

If you want to start interior design business of your own – Let me tell you from my experience that it is a very fulfilling job. This is one of the best small business to start – both in terms of satisfaction and the money involved.You may have dabbled in kitchen interior design,bedroom interiors,bathroom interior […]