Valgrind installation on Linux Kernel 3.0 +

Valgrind is an excellent open source instrumentation framework for building dynamic analysis tools. The Valgrind distribution includes the debugging and profiling tools like Memcheck, Cachegrind, Callgrind, Massif, Helgrind, DRD and Other Tools All combined these offer great tools for a memory management & error detection, thread error detectors, a cache and branch-prediction profiler, a call-graph […]

Find Blood Donors in India

In our free time, we have developed a nonprofit webportal:(launched on 17th december) The website aims to collate and disseminate blood donors information to people in need of blood in more than 2500 cities of India. Amongst others, this service is likely to be helpful for people who travel to other places for treatment and […]

How to add different sidebars for different categories on WordPress

Lets say you have a word press site where you teach wannabes how to play the guitar. And then lets say you have categorized your website into the follwoing categories : 1.  Acoustic guitar for beginners 2. Learn Bass guitar 3. Learn Electronic Guitar 4. Advanced Guitar Lessons These 4 categories target 4 different sets of users […]

A brief history of time: Stephen Hawkings

Reading this book for some times. I am a layman and this book is pretty confusing for me at many places. For me it raises more questions than it answers. Stephen Hawkins says, we have enough proof that the universe is constantly expanding. I fail to understand – it is expanding into what ? To […]

Pricing of your products and services-interior design business

When it comes to deciding the price of your product and service you need to be very careful since this will be the deciding criteria for your clients. A price too high and you will lose out customers and a price too low will reduce the perceived value of your product, or worse still you […]

Start up costs for interior design business

In the initial phases of your business    you need to spend time drawing out a list of the costs that you will be incurring while setting up your business.You will also have to estimate the amount that you would be spending under each head.The most common start up costs that you will be most likely […]

Marketing strategy-Interior design business plan

Psalms interior has now decided to base its marketing strategy on trying to position itself as the ultimate resource afor interior designing in the target area.It aims to address the needs of all types of customers and wishes to be recognized as a one stop shop for all design solutions .For the more involved do-it-yourself […]

Marketing strategy-interior designing business plan

Post the SWOT analysis Psalms interiors now has to design a basic  marketing strategy based on which it is going to run its business.Psalms interiros has decided that their marketing strategy for the interior designing business will be based on the following; 1.They would provide a unique interior design experience to their customers which would […]

SWOT analysis of the interior design business plan

While making an interior designing business plan for it is essential to be aware of ones strengths and weaknesses to be able to capitalize on them and improve upon them. A SWOT analysis is a critical analysis of the strengths , weakness, opportunities and threats to a business. This detailed report is again very useful […]

Market segmentation:Interior design business plan

After the market analysis Psalms interiors found out that it would work in the home interior business in their area.They had previously decided that they would concentrate their interior decoration business in a particular area and within a particular group of females. After the market analysis it is of paramount importance that the target market […]