Tkinter._test() does not work. NameError: name ‘Tkinter’ is not defined

Maricela Bruss Asks: Hello, I am trying to get started with Tkinter.  I checked ‘import _tkinter’ and ‘import Tkinter’ – and they seem to be fine with no error whatsoever. I am getting stuck in the third test, >>> Tkinter._test() >>> tkinter._test() The error  message: Traceback (most recent call last): File “<stdin>”, line 1, in <module> NameError: […]

Fastest way to Learn any Programming Language

As computer programmer has to often learn different programming languages for different projects. Even a single project may require two or more programs to interact. A programmer is often faced with the challenge of learning new programs in short period of time. So how does one go about updating skills to pick up a new […]

Java programming Best for What Use ?

Question: What kind of work is Java program best suited or used for ? Answer: Java is deployed in many places. 1) It is the market leader in the enterprise servers (grid servers, legacy severs & more)  & network computing. 2) It is the most common desktop environment for finance sector software. Most of the […]

Run .java or .jar Program in Windows 7, XP, MAC & Linux

Contrary to what many blogs seem to suggest – you need not and perhaps should not install any third party software for running a .java or .jar program on Windows 7, MAC & Linux. The process is similar for all the three operating systems. Lets get started.   1)  Step I: Download & Install Java SE […]

2 min. Website makeover with @font-face

Not until a few years back – choosing a web-safe font was a major decision for a developers.   To ensure comaptibility between the browser and the operating systems, a developer would have to stick to the basic set of fonts like  Arial, Courier, Times New Roman, Comic Sans, Impact, Georgia, Trebuchet and Verdana. And […]

Plotting Functions on Google 3d

Did you know you could use the google search box as a calculator. Yes go ahead and type and large mathematical sum into the search box and viola – you get the answer. Wish this was around – when i was a school going kid ! Earlier in the year,  google had extended its calculating […]

Shell Extension: Meaning, Risks & Removal

Before we try to understand the term “shell extension”, it is imperative to know a bit about the terms “shell” & “kernel”. The term Kernel, refers to the core program of the operating system. The kernel is what actually does the hardware access, sharing of CPU time, allocation of process IDs to each process, process […]

Configuring MTS Blaze Mobile Broadband on Ubuntu

For installing & configuring MTS Blaze Mobile broadband Internet connection on Ubuntu, complete the following steps. Contrary to what is mentioned at many places, you do not need to download or install any software. Nor do you need to touch the command line for the purpose of using MTS Blaze in Ubuntu. Just follow the […]

XFCE: Change Preboot & Login Screen Background

Working on XFCE desktop environment – I wanted to Change Preboot & Login Screen Background (Its a terrible shade of pink). XFCE unlike Genome has far fewer GUI editing options. I googled for a solution but could find none. (there are several posts that show how to do that on genome – but none that […]

Valgrind installation on Linux Kernel 3.0 +

Valgrind is an excellent open source instrumentation framework for building dynamic analysis tools. The Valgrind distribution includes the debugging and profiling tools like Memcheck, Cachegrind, Callgrind, Massif, Helgrind, DRD and Other Tools All combined these offer great tools for a memory management & error detection, thread error detectors, a cache and branch-prediction profiler, a call-graph […]