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‘Numbers to Words’ Batch Converter (Indian Numbering System)

To convert numbers to equivalent Indian number system (Lakh, Crore Counting system) use the following converter.

Sample Output

365Rupees Three Hundred & Sixty Five only
4567Rupees Four Thousand Five Hundred & Sixty Seven only
589475Rupees Five Lakhs Eighty Nine Thousand Four Hundred & Seventy Five only
41521Rupees Fourty One Thousand Five Hundred & Twenty One only
5623.48Rupees Five Thousand Six Hundred & Twenty Three And Fourty Eight Paisa only
1214.16Rupees One Thousand Two Hundred & Fouteen And Sixteen Paisa only
100Rupees One Hundred & only
6562Rupees Six Thousand Five Hundred & Sixty Two only
548142Rupees Five Lakhs Fourty Eight Thousand One Hundred & Fourty Two only
12556Rupees Twelve Thousand Five Hundred & Fifty Six only
43132000Rupees Four Crores Thirty One Lakhs Thirty Two Thousand only
1122Rupees One Thousand One Hundred & Twenty Two only
12545Rupees Twelve Thousand Five Hundred & Fourty Five only
5589779141Rupees sorry Numbers Above 99 Crores Cannot Be Translated only
3565642.3Rupees Thirty Five Lakhs Sixty Five Thousand Six Hundred & Fourty Two And Three Paisa only

Important Features:

Now forget adding those ugly looking code into your excel sheet, never understanding what it does under the hood.The following converter can be used to convert unlimited number of numbers to words.

Features include:

1) Can be used only for values up to 99 crore.

2) Numbers after the decimal point are printed in paisa.

3) The term (minus) for negative numbers is ignored.. so you may have to manually add that if you are dealing with negative numbers.

The South Asian Numbering system as prevalent in Indian subcontinent (comprising India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Nepal) uses the terms Lakh(10^5), Crore (10^7), Arab(10^9), Kharab(10^11), Neel(10^13) , Padma(10^15), Shankh(10^17), Ald/Udpadha (10^19),  Ank (10^21), Jald(10^23), Madh(10^25), Parardha(10^27), Ant(10^29),Maha ant(10^31),Shisht(10^33),Singhar(10^35),Maha Singhar(10^37),Adant singhar(10^41).

To convert numbers to equivalent common English number system (million, billion, trillion etc) use the following batch converter.

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