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Java programming Best for What Use ?

Question: What kind of work is Java program best suited or used for ?


Java is deployed in many places.

1) It is the market leader in the enterprise servers (grid servers, legacy severs & more)  & network computing.

2) It is the most common desktop environment for finance sector software. Most of the core banking solutions, insurance sector software deploy java for the desktop environment.

3) Off late, it has become a popular choice for mobile desktop environments. Sony Ericcson mobiles primarily run on Java. (It outnumbers the total base of Apple & Android phones combined)

4) Java is extensively used for designing games.

5) All Blu-ray plays run on Java.

6) Java is very popular with medical imaging devices manufacturers.

7) Many Printer programs deploy Java.

8 ) Java powers Google Maps

9) Java is used in Amazon Kindle.

10) Java is also used in television set-top boxes.

11) Java powers many motor navigation devices and much more.