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Inductance Calculator (Air cored, Single Layer)

This calculator can be used to find the Inductance of a multiturn single layer circular coil.

This is based on a compact six-figure approximation formula for the inductance of a cylindrical current sheet from the book: “A Handbook Formula for the Inductance of a Single-Layer Circular Coil” by Richard Lindin.

Reference to the book can be found here

Useful for design of low pass filters, antenna matching units, and other resonant circuits where an air cored single layer inductor is required.

Coil Diameter mm
Coil length mm
Number of turns
(optional, required only for calculating Q)

Calculated Inductance

0.00000 Henry(H)
0.001 milli Henry(mH)
0.568 micro Henry(uH)
567.558 nano Henry(nH)

Wire length in mtrs: 0.39
Wire length in cm: 39.27

Quality Factor = 34