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Book: “Tkinter GUI Application Development Hotshot”

New (and better) version of the book Published. (with Python 3)

I recommend you buy this new version instead.

It’s titled:
Tkinter GUI Application Development Blueprints

Old Article (Read update above):
After many months of writing, my first ever book finally stands published. This book is titled: “Tkinter GUI Application Development Hotshot” and it has been published by Packt Publishing, a market leader in publishing technical books on open source software.

7941OT Tkinter GUI Application Development HotshotKey Features

1) Book explains GUI programming in Tkinter by developing 10 real world applications as examples.

2) Projects include – text editor, drum machine, game of chess, media player, paint application, screen saver, game of snake and more.

3) Explains Procedural versus OOP styles of coding.

4) Demonstrates applications that use database and network programming

and much more :)  You can learn more about it at Packt Publishing online shop